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20150926_225226U-Lab 2.0 Will Start Again on 23 April! Transforming Business, Society and Self!

Otto Scharmer and his team at the Massassuchetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have launched the second MOOC on Theory U, providing leading edge content on leadership and transformation, very professionally built – a great experience, which 45,000 participants around the globe have already signed up for! Here is how Otto Scharmer himself presents his course. Join the course here, access meaningful course work, join an online coaching circle or a local hub, e.g. in Munich or Toulouse!


20151001_110720Otto Scharmer/Katrin Kaufer: Leading from the Emerging Future
Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer are asking these powerful questions, which made me buy the book and even join the U Lab-MOOC: How can we finally stop creating situations that nobody really intended? How can we start creating a future that people want to live in? Spot-on questions, and their conclusions help to get us out of the dead-end. Scharmer’s “presencing process” is a master piece, and his practice shows how an open mind, open heart and open will can fit into management! A MUST in Leadership and Transformation.


20151001_111850Jon Kabat-Zinn: Réconquérir le moment présent et votre vie. Livre avec CD
Belle initiation à la méditation et la pleine conscience par Jon Kabat-Zinn, lui-même – l’homme qui a fait entrer la méditation à la médecine occidentale et qui a créé la „Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction“ (MBSR). … et ça marche vraiment!