Workshop & Coaching Circle : Defining next stage of your vision and work-life objectives


“We go out, we shoot for the stars, we move into our careers – and at some point mid-way, we pause and we look back, and we ask ourselves: ‘What is it that really matters to me? Who am I and what is my real work to do? What is the story of the future that I want to be part of? That I want to be a contributor to?’ It is these deeper questions that mark the gateway into the deeper territory of leadership, that we want to explore.” (Otto Scharmer, U Lab 2.0)


What is my real work to do? 6 Ways to do what you love
Pause, review and crystallize your deeper vision and mission, let your future emerge and implement sustainable change in your life – these are the topics of this coaching circle. During eight weeks, we create the space to be yourself and to care and share about your personal or professional change project, that really matters to you. We give as much attention to the inner process as to the wider system, to awareness as much as to prototyping and implementation. In a trustful circle, we support each other in our intentions by being authentic, practicing deep listening and empathetic feedback. The coaching circle helps you to easier overcome the obstacles to change in your everyday life.

A one-day creative workshop is dedicated to look back and identify your inner motivation and bringing it to the future, leading to your deeper vision, mission and objectives. By sharing this work with the group, you create the basis not only for your own change process, but also for the coaching circle. During the following six sessions of 2.5 hours each, the group members support each other in their insights as well as in the ups and downs of their unique change process. As a coach, I will guide the group, give input and lead specific exercises that help the change process.

Ways of Working
To develop this workshop, I have been digging into the various methods and tools that I have applied in more than 10 years of open group work and leadership training. The result is a blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Integral Coaching, Theory U, systemic counseling and mindfulness.

  •  4-8 participants
  • 1 day creative workshop and kick-off
  • 6 sessions of 2.5 hours
  • Cost: 390€/pax

Locations: Munich / Toulouse

Languages: English/French/German